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Linen Morgan Jeans

Debbie Christensen

That's right -- pants.

closet case patterns morgan jeans linen

These are the Closet Case Patterns Morgan Jeans, made in a heavy Japanese linen that we don't have anymore. I made a size 6 with a regular fly instead of the button one, and I took out 1/2" under the yoke because I have a short back.

closet case patterns morgan jeans linen

They look tight (and feel tight) because they shrank a little in the wash. But that's okay because the fabric relaxes when I wear them, so then I wash them and they shrink again. Linen jeans are cool in theory, but they're pretty annoying by the end of the day when I have to keep pulling them up.

I can't remember if I pre-washed this fabric. I don't always wash my fabric, unless it's something fitted (like... pants?). Sometimes it turns out okay, and sometimes I have to take apart the jumpsuit I just made to add a waistband because it gives me a terrible wedgie. I don't know how many times I'll have to learn this lesson until it finally sticks.

closet case patterns morgan jeans linen

You can see some pulling across the fly as a result of these being tight around the butt. My shorts aren't like that at all, so I think it's from shrinkage. Later in the day it loosened up. I love this robot button because its eyes remind me of my cat. All pockets that I make (or remake) are made from Liberty of London. It's tightly woven and strong and smooth and the prints are beautiful. This particular print is gone, but we have it in another colorway.

closet case patterns morgan jeans linen

My shirt is a Grainline Studio Lark Tee, a pattern and company that I'm not totally sold on, despite making many multiples of their patterns. I get that their designs are meant to be comfortable and slouchy, but they all seem to fit weird, and only look right if you hunch over a little bit. Like, I felt as though I was putting the sleeves in backwards -- there was more ease in the front than the back of the sleeve head, which isn't right, right? Some of their design decisions and pattern instructions make no sense to me. Anyway, like most of the patterns I've tried from them, I'll probably make more Lark Tees because it's such a basic thing. This one is made from a lightweight rayon knit with a black and taupe French lace across the front.

closet case patterns morgan jeans linen

I actually made these 6 months ago for activities that I didn't want to wear leggings for, such as building a beehive and keeping bees. I have no photographic evidence of this though.

I've made many pairs of pants and shorts, so I pretty much just used the instructions for the fly, and I actually had to use the Ginger Jeans sewalong because these jeans have a button fly. I appreciated the fitting tips that were included with the instructions.

These shorts were my muslin. I also used this fabric to cover a stool, and covered the bottom with the same fabric I used for my pockets. I love to match things, especially my furniture.

closet case patterns morgan jeans shorts

I haven't worn the pants much because it was summer, but now it's not. Actually, it's been a very comfortable 7 years since I switched from pants to leggings. But I feel so limited by what I can wear with leggings, and annoyed that I don't have pockets.

closet case patterns morgan jeans linen

Billy the original blue Power Ranger stuck his thumbs in his pockets like this and I couldn't stand it because I didn't like him because he was a nerd.

closet case patterns morgan jeans linen

The biggest reason I stopped wearing pants? Every pair I had made a popping noise in the crotch when I walked and it made me really self-conscious. I think it had to do with the cut? It was like George Costanza's swooshing suit.

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