A Cloth Merchant

Reverse Shibori Moneta

Nanette Webb

I bleached my dress, on purpose. A friend, who got married in a very small ceremony after college, invited me to a “celebration of marriage” dinner at Siam Cafe (which is so delicious, and the first time I’ve ever eaten jellyfish). After the dinner I had to meet my parents at the Phantasy in Lakewood […]

“Indigo” Anna

Debbie Christensen

First, this dress is supposed to be indigo. That only kind of worked and I’m a little salty about it. I wanted to make myself a birthday dress, and after much waffling and Google-imaging, I decided on the By Hand London Anna Dress. Every dress I’ve seen made-up is absolutely gorgeous, but I wasn’t sure […]

Robson Mini-Trench

Debbie Christensen

Look, I made a jacket! This is the Sewaholic Robson Trench, shortened by 11″ (!!!). I folded the pattern pieces to get the length I wanted, and re-drew the lines to remove some of the flare at the bottom (the flare looks great on the trench, not so much a jacket). When I made a […]

Dyed Dobby Chantilly Dress


Last week, I wrote about that super cool dobby weave fabric that I dyed. And, as promised, it is now a Colette Chantilly dress! Here it is! The Little Italy Artwalk was this past weekend, but despite all that craziness I managed to get it done! I’m pretty pleased. Although I usually determine how much […]

Dyed Dobby


I have a really awesome warm-weather project for you! My friend and I did this many, many years ago, and I wish she lived closer so we could do it again. We saw some dresses in Vogue that were splattered with color, and of course they were like a thousand dollars or something, so we […]