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Robson Mini-Trench

Debbie Christensen dyed fabric Fabric jacket Patterns Sewaholic Sewaholic Robson Trench

Look, I made a jacket!

sewaholic robson trech coat

This is the Sewaholic Robson Trench, shortened by 11″ (!!!). I folded the pattern pieces to get the length I wanted, and re-drew the lines to remove some of the flare at the bottom (the flare looks great on the trench, not so much a jacket). When I made a muslin of the body of the trench, I repositioned the pockets and belt loops.

The main fabric is a pima cotton twill, which I dyed olive green, because we don’t have that color. We have a navy twill that would’ve looked really great, too, but that won’t camouflage me in a forest as well.

I love the fit of this jacket! I’ve never had such a flattering fit!

sewaholic robson trech coat

This pattern is so awesome. I love all of the details–the epaulettes (that you can’t see in these images… oops!), the pocket welts, the top-stitching, the feminine lines. Absolutely gorgeous! And, it was pretty easy to make! For me, the hardest part was hemming the sleeves. They took a lot of finagling, but I managed to stitch a pretty straight line.

Like my contrast top-stitching?

sewaholic robson trech coat

There are lots of pattern pieces, which means that you can do things in small chunks of time. Like I imagine any jacket would, this took fair amount of time to make. But now I have a super cool, unique, well-fitting jacket that’s exactly what I wanted! And, look at the insides!

sewaholic robson trech coat

All of the seams are bound with bias tape. I made my own out of this Liberty floral cotton. I love it so much! You can see in the first image, I used it under the front and back flaps, because I didn’t have enough of my main fabric. But it also reduces the bulk on the seams, which really adds up around the neckline. It’s in the pockets, too.

sewaholic robson trech coat

Here you can see the buttons better, and my uneven dyeing (the pot I used was way too small). But I love the look of it. The big buttons are made from the corozo nut, and the smaller ones probably are as well, but I’m honestly not sure.

So, there’s my coat! I look very cool in it, so I’m pleased.



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