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A couple months ago, I was sewing underwear like crazy. I guess I wasn’t really happy with what I was making, and couldn’t get the fit right, and they didn’t look that great on me, so I stopped for a couple months. Occasionally, when I ran out out bottoms before I managed to do laundry, I would make a new pair. (They also make great gifts!) But I had other projects I felt like working on, and underwear took a backseat (get it?). Well, guess what… I’m back to it!

leaves front

We don’t have any bra patterns here, unfortunately. I have book called Bare Essentials, by Jennifer Matthews-Fairbanks, which has patterns and pattern manipulation in it, and it’s great. I’ve also used Ohhh Lulu patterns, which I love. The main fabric on this one is Nature Walk by Michael Miller. I lined it with a black batiste and used ponti di roma knit for the back bands. This is adorable, but sadly it doesn’t fit very well. This was meant to be my wearable muslin. I’ve worn it a lot.

leaves back

The hardware is all stuff I’ve found online here (from the same woman who wrote my book), which you have to buy in somewhat of a large amount. That’s where I bought the picot elastic as well, but lucky for you we sell some in the store! We have it in pewter and lime, and we’ve also got some fabulous bright orange fold-over elastic. I’m trying to be good and use up what I’ve got before I dig into these, but it’s really hard.

longline front

This is a demi-cup longline bra, in Liberty of London Bourton W. Both of these bras were made from scraps! The lining and back bands are the same as the first.

Let me tell you some secrets! I made the straps by cutting the fabric on the bias. I’ve read that fabric straps last longer, and I’m not about to buy straps. We have some elastics that might be good for straps, but I haven’t tried them, and I like these fabric ones. Also, don’t want to buy hardware? Just take apart an old bra! You can save the sliders, rings, hooks, underwires, and any cute little embellishments. I used my old underwires in these, so I know those’ll fit. And it’s less of a commitment if you want to try making a bra of your own.

longline back

Happy sewing!


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