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Every Mom Loves a Handmade Gift!

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This Friday and Saturday at Bolt & Spool:  5 minutes + $5 = beautiful last-minute gift for mom!

We love this hemstitched linen tape! Everything we do with it turns out so pretty.

So it’s not surprising that, when paired with the perfect ribbon (per your taste) and a tablespoon of aromatic lavender, you get a simply lovely sachet. Just working with a little bag of lavender this afternoon made the entire shop smell so good!

We liked making them so much, we think you will too!




Stop in any time this coming Friday or Saturday (May 9th 0r 10th) for a quick sachet make ‘n take that you or your mom will treasure long after the scent of lavender fades!

These are fun to make for novices and experts alike!

The project includes enough linen tape for one sachet, a scoop of lavender and 1/3 yard of any ribbon in the store that’s $4 or less, and a button from our button jar (if you think it needs one).

Here’s what to do, Moms:

1)  come in and make one for your mom;

2) turn this into a fun outing for you to do with your kids as one of your Mothers’ Day weekend activities;

3)  tell your spouse to bring the kids down for a little father child time and they can work together (don’t forget…there are TWO galleries that sell beautiful jewelry within 50 feet of our store!…Bolt & Spool is the perfect place to send him!)

Happy Mothers’ Day!

~Nan : )


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