A Cloth Merchant

An Inspired Advent: Day 9


Baked goods abound this time of year (though they may not always be welcome). Thought and care are poured into handmade gifts, and that is especially true of home cooking. Preparing delicious food is a wonderful way to show and to share love. That’s why eating is such a big part of the holidays! Food […]

An Inspired Advent : Day 6


My sister is one of my favorite people to make gifts for. She’s always so happy to receive something handmade, and she can appreciate the time and effort that went in to its creation. And if she doesn’t like it, she at least pretends to. Sometimes, just the fact that I made something for her […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 5


Over the years, one of my favorite things at Christmas has been making special gift tags to top the packages I give to my family. I dump my big box of scrapbooking supplies (that I, incidentally, never used for scrapbooking) on the dining room table and set to work. There is glitter, stampers and pads, […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 4


Throwback Thursday to Infinity! Throwback Thursday affords us the liberty of re-issuing an older post…especially since it gets everyone ready for our Infinity Scarf Class this coming Wednesday, December 10th at 6pm! We should call this the superlative scarf – everything is the best-est about it! Nothing could be easier, quicker, more stylish, warmer, softer…you […]

Victory Chloe

Debbie Christensen

Here it is, the Victory Chloe Dress! If you shop in our store, you may have seen this on display for quite a while. It took me probably as long to blog about this dress as it did to make it, which is  a long time! This dress was finished about three weeks ago, in […]
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