A Cloth Merchant

An Inspired Advent: Day 16

Nanette Webb

Make a gift for the guys! or whoever always gets stuck trudging out in the snow/rain to get the firewood off the pile. It’s practical, so you know they’re going to love it! Dosa likes it!   You need: 3/4 yard heavy canvas (I used our heavy-weight cotton canvas in stone color.) 3 yards of 1″ […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 15

Nanette Webb

Make a gift that teachers (and moms and aunts) will love! A sweet little cover for those purse packs of tissues! You know how how that little packet of tissues keeps getting destroyed in your purse? I am going to date myself here, but it’s like Roseanne Roseannadanna (Gilda Radner) on Saturday Night Live used […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 13

Nanette Webb

Why You Should Sew Your Own Holiday Apparel from the View of a thirteen-year old Hi, I am Nan’s daughter, Anna. I’ve never actually done a blog post before, so bear with me. Over the course of thirteen (almost 14) years, my mom has been making me clothes. Whether it be a pair shorts to […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 12

Nanette Webb

Find inspiration EVERYWHERE! Even in a child’s Christmas book! The idea for this blog came to me while reading my 10-year-old son a Christmas book. Yes, he still indulges me that simple pleasure and I love it! Here are just a few of our favorites… We were reading Christmas with the Mousekins by Maggie Smith […]

An Inspired Advent: Day 10


Transforming The Dress Shirt Pattern pattern for holiday-wear! Dressing for the holidays doesn’t have to be extreme glitz and glamour…although I DO want to make something with that matte sequins that Debbie used on her infinity scarf on Day 6. Wait! Where was I? Chic comfort…right. My husband and I are going to a Christmas […]
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