A Cloth Merchant

An Inspiring Advent: Day 1


Despite the fact that Debbie and I write brilliant blogs…ahem…we don’t do them as often as we probably “should.” We, of course, would rather be making something than writing about it. Nonetheless, to be true to our little tagline that clearly states that we proffer fabric, patterns, ribbon and INSPIRATION, we need to ramp it […]

Our 4th Birthday + Thanksgiving =


…our year of thanks! Those gratitude challenges that graced Facebook at the end of summer are so “last-month,” but that’s when I started to contemplate this blog post. I, for one, really enjoyed reading them. It was just a nice pause from the usual FB posts. It made you realize and appreciate things about your family and […]

Handmade Gift : Threadfollower Embroidered French Barrette Kit


We received some new threadfollower hand-stitching kits is the mail last week! Not only did we re-stock the handstitch animal kits that we have, we’ve got some new ones, too! My favorite is the whale. And the rabbit. And the doggy. Cynthia Treen, the designer behind threadfollower, also released some new kits: embroidered French barrettes. […]

Upcoming Class : French Cartonnage Notepad Holder


We’ve got a new class coming up!!! Saturday, December 7, which coincides with the ArtWalk in Little Italy, we will once again host Betsy Begue as she instructs us in the beautiful art of French Cartonnage! In the last class we made needlecases, and this one will be holders for small notepads! Until I can […]

That Crazy Dress I Made


So last week I mentioned a green Christmas tree dress I was making. Why would I be making a Christmas tree dress? Because it’s hilarious, that’s why. Sorry, I had to take this at night! This weekend I went to a Santa-themed bar hop in Ohio City, so I went as everyone’s favorite singing tree, […]
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