A Cloth Merchant

Lace Dress, Cambie Dress, Tree Dress


Hi again! Remember that floral lace dress I had almost finished? The pattern is Vogue 8146 in case you wanted to find it. This is a great, basic dress pattern. I actually used the top half for a bodice pattern for another dress, which you will see shortly! So I’m of average height, and this […]

Good things are coming!


Happy holidays! I hope everybody’s having fun getting ready! We decorated the store last week, and it looks so good! I think there’s a picture in here somewhere of the decorations. We have some really beautiful black polyester floral lace, and it stands out perfectly over this off-white cotton poplin. And the Liberty scarf looks […]

Looking Good! Velvet Renfrew Top


The other day I finished a new project, the Sewaholic Renfrew top! And I really mean a day, because this only took about 3 hours! What I really love about this pattern is that you can just make a really nicely fitted t-shirt with it, or a classy and elegant top like this one I […]

Reliving Thanksgiving Traditions


Feeling guilty that I neglected to write a crafty tidbit to post this past Sunday (how do people blog every day??), I thought I’d share a story and a few recipes for you to make instead! Thanksgiving is hands-down my family’s favorite holiday. Steeped in tradition, as I think most American families would agree, we […]

Sunday Gift Guide: Lollipop Bag


I am very selfish when it comes to sewing. I don’t think I’ve made a single thing for someone else. Although I once made a dress for my sister, but it was identical to the one I had already made for myself. But her birthday is next week, and I still need to get her […]
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