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Happy holidays! I hope everybody’s having fun getting ready! We decorated the store last week, and it looks so good! I think there’s a picture in here somewhere of the decorations.

We have some really beautiful black polyester floral lace, and it stands out perfectly over this off-white cotton poplin.

And the Liberty scarf looks good on anything. Right now the dress is wanting a zipper, so it’s currently pinned to the mannequin on top of the Sewaholic Cambie dress. Which I still need to take a picture of!

The pattern for this is a simple Vogue dress pattern.  I forget which, so I guess that’s for the next post, where you will see the dress actually finished! The pattern is great for this dress, though, because the lace is sort of heavy and thick, so the simplicity of the shape really highlights the fabric.

The lace is underlined with the cotton, so I spent a late-night talk show on the floor basting the two fabrics together. And to assemble the dress, I just pretended they were one crazy fabric. Check out this basting!

And that’s all I have to say about that. Here’s something else I made!

It’s a hat! I’ve heard it called an aviator hat and a fur trapper hat, and I think both names are cool, but I’ll call it the Trapper Hat. I searched forever for a tutorial on how to make it, and I found one here. However, there are no pictures, and that’s just no good. So I’m going to post a tutorial on here! Expect it later this week (which is hopefully when I will finish the dress!)

Anyway, I made this with some heavy wool suiting that I found, and lined the inside with a flannel-y blend of cotton and bamboo. The fur is a polyster crushed rabbit fur, and it is soooo soft! It feels amazing against my face! Here’s a picture of the lining:

It’s nice and warm, but not too hot, with the flannel and the wool. And the wool is relatively water-repellant. I was going to interface it, but I forgot. I actually like it floppy like this, so I can stuff it in my pocket. I’m excited for the weather to get cold again so I can wear it! Anyway, look forward to the tutorial later this week! I know I am!

There are the decorations! Oh, and you can’t see it because my big head is blocking it, but we just got our new work table! So for everyone who has been waiting so patiently for classes, look forward to that in the new year!

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