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Hi again! Remember that floral lace dress I had almost finished? The pattern is Vogue 8146 in case you wanted to find it.

This is a great, basic dress pattern. I actually used the top half for a bodice pattern for another dress, which you will see shortly! So I’m of average height, and this pattern comes down to my mid-calf. I think I shortened it by about 10 inches, and now it is just above my knees.  Anyway, here’s the dress!

Pretty neat, eh? It’s a funny coincidence that the underlining (the cotton poplin) is the same color as the mannequin. Here’s the back:

And now, the dress is hanging on a ghost!

A couple of days ago I went to the Bernina store in Twinsburg to learn our machines better. I can’t believe how much I didn’t know! A very cool feature of Bernina machines is that you can sew off of fabric and the machine won’t jam. Which is awesome for a blind hem. The majority of these hem stitches are chain stitches. It’s awesome.

I hope that makes sense.

But look at this Sewaholic Cambie dress!

We have two variations of the same J Crew fabric, so I used them both! The are semi-sheer cotton ginghams with velour paisley prints. I might borrow this dress for the holidays. Here’s a detail of the contrasting waistband and pockets:

Okay, one last thing! I need to postpone that trapper hat tutorial, because I’m working on something really, really awesome. And I need to test the hat more. I’m making a wool dress (using the top of the above Vogue dress).

It only looks flappy because it’s on a child-sized dress form. Does it look like a Christmas tree? (Just say yes). Well, it’s not going to be just any tree! But I’ll save that for later. I’m a lot further on this dress than I was when I took the picture, so, my bad.

I’m using this metallic Raffit trim as “garland.” I love this stuff, and it’s the perfect style for this dress. There are 7 different trims in each pack, and you get a yard of each. And these are in our sale bin, for $2 a pack! We have a few of them left, so if you like these, I suggest you get some before I use them all!

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