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That Crazy Dress I Made

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So last week I mentioned a green Christmas tree dress I was making. Why would I be making a Christmas tree dress? Because it’s hilarious, that’s why.

Sorry, I had to take this at night!

This weekend I went to a Santa-themed bar hop in Ohio City, so I went as everyone’s favorite singing tree, Bruce the Spruce! The dress itself came together in maybe 2 hours, but I spent many, many hours hand-sewing on all of that trim! And I wish it had more. The dress is green Moda wool, and the trim comes from a variety pack of metallic trims that we currently have in our clearance bin. (There are two packs left!) The pattern for it is based off of the bodice of Vogue pattern I used for the lovely lacy dress, and the skirt is a basic A-line.

Needless to say, I was very proud of myself. And I really enjoyed making this because it made me laugh just to look at that goofy face. Ideally I can wear it to a couple more parties, and then remove all that trim and have a nice green dress!

As promised, I will make that Trapper hat tutorial this week. Bye!

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