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Handmade Gift : Threadfollower Embroidered French Barrette Kit

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We received some new threadfollower hand-stitching kits is the mail last week! Not only did we re-stock the handstitch animal kits that we have, we’ve got some new ones, too! My favorite is the whale. And the rabbit. And the doggy.

Cynthia Treen, the designer behind threadfollower, also released some new kits: embroidered French barrettes. They’re adorable!


The packaging is beautiful, but they didn’t show the finished object very well. So I made one of them! I decided to do the berry vine design, because I’ve never successfully embroidered a French knot and I needed a reason to practice. (Spoiler alert: I nailed it!)

Here is the inside of the kit:


Almost everything is locally sourced (the barrette was made in France). All materials are included, except the 6″ embroidery hoop. I just happened to have one.

The design is printed onto the linen (Nan and I were fawning over the quality of this linen!). You can see where I was practicing my French knots, although you can’t see all the ones that I accidentally pulled through. But I got the hang of it!


So then you cut out the center rectangle, and enclose a thick piece of felt in it.


Sew that onto a colored piece of felt, and then attach the barrette.


et viola!


What a thoughtful gift! You could make this up for someone special, or yourself, or give the kit to someone who loves to stitch! It’s a great incentive for someone who wants to learn to embroider or sew!

I’m wearing the sample right now it’s adorable.





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