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Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt

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I admittedly had a hard time with this skirt. I was really dragging my feet when it came to working on it, and struggled to find motivation to finish it. Not that it was a difficult make; I just made it in such a summery material that, at this time of year, I have a hard time imagining myself wearing it.

But, press on I must, because I am teaching a class on it this skirt! (More info here). So here I am wearing it.

This is the awesome Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt made with an emerald green viscose. This fabric is so gorgeous, from the shiny sheen to the slinky drape; but my favorite thing about it is the slubby texture. Love me some slub! The fabric was pretty easy to work with, though it’s a bit shifty like linen. I finished all the seams and the hem with bias tape made from a scrap of Liberty of London fabric.

Oh, and I French-seamed those pockets. Something we will do in the class! As well as… zippers!

This fabric is so cool.

I intended to make the knee-length version, but then lopped off about 2 inches because that felt a little too long for me. The pattern was excellently drafted to maximize drapiness and swinginess in the skirt, I’m really looking forward to wearing it in real life!

I just love the way it hangs! I’ve seen it dozens of times on the web, though I definitely curious to see it made up in other materials in real life. I might have to make another one before the class!

The aft-side:

The top is the Megan Nielsen Eucalypt Woven Tank. We don’t stock it, I just downloaded the pdf. I’ve made four of these so far, and I love wearing them. Maybe they could fit around the bust a little better, but then again, maybe they fit just fine.

You may have noticed my bra straps hanging out in all these pictures.

1. oopsies

2. I made it! I matched my underthings to my overthings today.

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