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An Inspired Advent: Day 19

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As the days draw nearer to Christmas, the idea of making gifts seems more overwhelming. But it’s not too late!

I love the process of making things, often much more than buying. Being known for my penchant for making things, I’m usually asked to make gifts. Someone, and I won’t say who, asked me to make him a sleep mask. And so I did! This is a very quick gift to make, it only took me about a half hour. If you need something quick for friends, this is perfect!

Selfies are hard.

I used this free pattern for it, and it was incredibly simple. Also, you can kind of see a lump in it, because the recipient also asked me to make it smelly. I put a little sack of lavender in it.

But I will back up a little. This person is into outer space, so I used Birch spaceship fabric for the front, and lined it with a black cotton sateen. I used this really nice Japanese elastic grosgrain for the band.

I trimmed close to the stitching to reduce bulk, then realized I had sewn the layers in the wrong order and had to take everything apart. Sometimes sewing takes a bit of thought.

I wasn’t sure how to add the lavender. I felt weird about just dumping them in. I ended up making a little pouch out of linen, which gives the mask a bit of a lump.

But it smells nice, and I don’t have to worry about any lavender poking through. Success! And here is a beauty shot.

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