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Linen Thurlow Shorts

Debbie Christensen Fabric linen pattern Patterns Sewaholic

I’ve been planning these Sewaholic Thurlow shorts since last year. I’m not sure why they’ve taken me so long, though. I looooove this linen.

sewaholic thurlow shorts

It’s nice to have a pair of shorts without whales printed on them, because as much as I love them, they don’t really “go” with a lot of my stuff. Like this gingham shirt! This is Burda 7136, which I bought online somewhere, and made last year in this delightful orange gingham. I don’t know why it’s so hard to find good women’s (and men’s) button down shirt patterns! I like this one a lot, but I had to do a lot of internet searching to find the pattern.

This shirt’s really nice, all the seams are Frenched, and I think I did a pretty good job a stripe matching, if I do say so myself. We ordered more flannel, so I’ll probably make myself a flannel shirt once it starts getting colder. Even though it’s pretty chilly now, which is why I had to wear this shirt.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about shorts. Here’s my backside:

sewaholic thurlow shorts

I changed the Thurlow back pockets from welts to… regular back pockets. But I think I put them too low. The other changes I made were to give myself an extra half inch of butt room, took two inches from the leg width, and rolled the cuffs up more. Sewaholic patterns are drafted for pear shaped gals, and I’m shaped more like a banana. Also, the pants are wide-legged, so the shorts have a bit of flare to them as well. And I didn’t want that.

Oh, also, I was able to French seam the front pockets. I picked this up when I made my boyfriend a very similar pair of shorts from Thread Theory. Hopefully those will be blogged soon!

I used lots of scraps for these. We used to have a bolt of this floral paisley, but it went very fast because it’s so beautiful. I bought some and made a dress with it when I first started working here, but that has since fallen apart because I was not very good at sewing then. Hopefully these shorts will last longer than that dress. The bias tape is all from remnants as well.

For some reason we had this prefect bright orange zipper hanging around. The button is a fluted edge bone-color, and I believe it is made from bone. I love the look of these buttons, and try to use them as often as I can, which is almost never, unfortunately.

sewaholic thurlow shorts

Well, there you have it! Hopefully I’ll get some good use out of these this summer, if it ever warms up.


Happy sewing!




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