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Dyed Dobby Chantilly Dress

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Last week, I wrote about that super cool dobby weave fabric that I dyed. And, as promised, it is now a Colette Chantilly dress!

Here it is! The Little Italy Artwalk was this past weekend, but despite all that craziness I managed to get it done! I’m pretty pleased. Although I usually determine how much fabric I need by laying out the pattern pieces before I actually cut it, I made sure to give myself extra so that I could play around with color. And I even have fabric left over to make a cool scarf!

Here’s a better image of the color placement. My seams are wiggly and I don’t like that. I guess there are a number of reasons; the dobby cotton was hard to fold under at the yoke because of the weave, and I used organdy instead of interfacing, and that was a little shifty during construction. I mean, I really like how the dress turned out, but the wiggly seams bum me out.

This is the back of the skirt, and I love the way these colors interact! And look at that stripe matching!!!

Don’t look at that stripe matching. I did a hand-picked zipper, which is a pale yellow color.

I keep photographing things on the dress form, even though they fit me. Sorry! Hopefully I’ll get to wear this dress this weekend while I’m collecting a bounty of strawberries. The nice thing is, stray strawberry juice can only make this dress look better!

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