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These patterns have been tempting me ever since Nan brought them back from her trip to Barcelona last year.

They are so elegant and simple, very European. I just love the way Paco Peralta creates these patterns, too. He traces everything by hand, and handwrites all the little pattern notes in Spanish and English. So keep your erasers away from the pattern!

I feel that this truly makes each pattern unique and personal. Absolutely gorgeous.

Last week I finally decided to make one of his designs. Even though I wasn’t making this for myself, I think that the high-fashion aesthetic was holding me back. And then I realized how silly it was to worry about whether something looks like a high-end designer made it. I’m the one who’s making it, and I could make it out of a towel if I wanted to.

I didn’t make it out of a towel (this time); I used the Liberty of London Mirabelle lawn, and lined it with cotton poplin. I know it’s probably going to get cold again, but I wanted to channel Spring with this cape.

I love the pattern, and it looks adorable as the cape, but for a store sample I wish I had used something more dramatic, or with more contrast. But really, there are so many options for this. Peralta primarily suggests silk or wool, which would give the cape more structure. I used drapey cottons because, you know, Spring. The longer cape in a coated cotton would be such an elegant rain slicker, and the capelet in lace would be a cute peek-a-boo shawl. I love how versatile these patterns are, and the garments really don’t have to look like they were made in Europe (although that would be fun to do as well).

One thing about these patterns, though, is that they are not for the inexperienced sewist. While Peralta does include pattern notes, such as grainlines and fold lines, he does not give construction instructions. Since they are so simple, they’re not that hard to figure out, but I have to admit that this cape did have me befuddled many times. I took a couple liberties with construction, like leaving out the facings and using lining where he called for fashion fabric. I don’t think he’ll care.

Here’s a slightly better picture, on Nan’s fabulous dress. I used a coconut husk button with green resin, and it looks awesome!!!! I’d love to make this again, but I think I want to try some of his other patterns first. We carry the T-Coat, Drape Collar Tunic, Funghi Cape, and Draped Top patterns. To see more of his patterns, here is a link to Paco’s Etsy shop. However, we won’t have through-the-roof international shipping :)

Happy fashioning!


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