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I don’t know how everyone feels about winter, but I think this year is the first year that I’ve really, really enjoyed it. I can finally appreciate the beauty of the snow on  trees and buildings, the brilliant white against the deeply contrasting shadows, the anticipation of warmth. And I don’t have to trudge through nasty black snow and ice to get to school anymore! Instead I get to walk in parks and appreciate winter!

It’s the life.

Oh, and the other day I saw two stags sparring in Shaker Nature Center, near this park. Cool!

You know what I wear when I go hiking in these woods every day? Skirts. I don’t know what happened, I just really don’t like wearing pants any more. So here’s my favorite winter-weather skirt that I’ve made! The Sewaholic Crescent Skirt!

I’ve made this pattern before, and I just love it. It’s fitted in the waist, but flares out just enough to provide plenty of room for movement. The last skirt I made was of a denim-like fabric with a contrasting colored zipper and topstitching, but this version I wanted to be a little less casual. And also warm. So I used a wool/viscose blend that we sell here in the store, with a black zipper.

So it’s definitely a less casual, more wintery skirt. And boy do I love it! My favorite part, though, is the inside.

I bought this safari animal-print bedsheet at a thrift store, really just to make muslins with, but it’s too cool for that. So I made it into a lining! Instead of using the wool fabric for the facings, because I knew that would be kind of itchy, I made a lion facing. Then I used the skirt pattern to make a zebra lining. The biggest plus is that the lining came form a bedsheet, so obviously it’s going to be comfortable. The fabric is a little bit heavier than a typical lining fabric I would use, but, you know, winter.

This pattern is so awesome, we sold out of it! However, I have heard from a reliable source that we will be getting more, as well as some other awesome Sewaholic patterns. So we’ll keep you all updated! Until then, enjoy this beautiful weather!


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