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Sometimes when we get new fabric in, I know exactly what it will become. I love seeing a vision realized. Check it!

by hand london sewing pattern georgia dress

This is the By Hand London Georgia Dress, made with this Tufted Polyester Organza. It’s kind of a crazy fabric, almost like wearing faux fur, but also with sparkles. Someone recently bought a few yards of this material to make a voluminous floor length skirt. That is going to be so stunning!

I loooove this dress. It’s sexy, and every person I see in it looks amazing. The pattern strongly suggests using a fabric with a bit of stretch. This black sateen or this coral sateen would make for a smashing Georgia. Instead, I used a fabric with zero stretch. Like, most fabric have a bit of natural stretch. This has absolutely none. So I made a size bigger than I normally would, and it helps.

My friend said it’s a perfect cocktail dress, best for standing around, socializing and drinking fancy mixed beverages. I rarely do that, so I tested it out sitting on the couch, watching The Simpsons and drinking beer. Great success! Although I had to hike it up quite a bit.

Anyway! I underlined the organza with a khaki poplin. I considered using black or gray, but I think the lighter color really made the furry stuff pop. I lined up the selvedge of the organza with the hem of the skirt, so I didn’t have to do any hemming. Before I basted the poplin to the organza, I hemmed it. And I finished all the exposed seams with self-made bias tape.

The bodice part is lined, so I hand-stitched the lining to the underlining.

by hand london sewing pattern georgia dress

My hair is wild. I’m not sure how much I like the straps made out of this organza stuff. I think a black sateen would look really good.

Finally, here is a picture of the front. This is probably what I will look like after a night of wearing this dress.

by hand london sewing pattern georgia dress



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