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Tropical Saltspring

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Just in time for the end of summer, I’ve made a tropical-print summer dress! Actually, I’ll probably wear it all year… And it feels like summer has only just begun!

tropical saltspring front

This is the Sewaholic Saltspring in Suno Tropical Knit. I debated making this for a while because I wasn’t sure if it would be super flattering, as I don’t have the curviest of figures. But almost everything I wear is a blouse-y shirt tucked into a skirt, so I did it. Because I made it out of a knit, and therefore did not need a zipper, this dress went pretty quickly! I found this blog post from Sewaholic to be extremely helpful.

Here are the guts:

tropical saltspring inside

In the pattern, only the top is lined. The outer bodice layer is longer than the lining, which creates the blousing. The tropical print is pretty translucent, and I don’t need everyone oogling at my adorable underwear, so I also lined the skirt. Basically, I underlined it. I don’t need that riding up if I wear the dress with tights. The fabric color is lighter in this picture than it is in real life, but the fabric is this gorgeous charcoal rayon knit. And I hemmed nothing! This makes the skirt heavier, but I am very okay with that.

tropical saltspring top

I have no photos of it, but I stabilized the neckline with twill tape. I stitched it to the lining, and caught it again when I understitched the top. The straps are grosgrain. The pattern has straps that tie, but that would bother me if I wore a cardigan or something.

tropical saltspring side

It drives me crazy when bloggers show a side view with their arm in the way!

tropical saltspring back

And a back view with their hair in the way!

Anyway, I love this print, and I love this dress! It’s very comfortable. I don’t sew with knits too often, but I found this tropical knit very easy to work with. I think the polyester in it helped it slide under the presser foot easily. I also hardly ever use polyester, but this one is soft and not gross-feeling. I made a Eucalypt tank with this fabric, and I love it, but the fabric is pilling. The nice thing is, no matter how many blueberry pancakes I eat, the fabric hasn’t stained.

Happy sewing!

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