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Meadow Maxi

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meadow maxi 1

Standing in front of our patio garden is the Violette Field Threads Emmaline maxi dress. Emmaline “is a beautiful floor length maxi. The bodice features a ruffled halter neckline with an elastic back. One, two, or even three ruffles are included for a flowing, dreamy look.” Not much wind today, so I haven’t seen the flowing in action, but I can imagine it’s quite lovely.

It’s such a beautiful summer dress, although I imagine it wold look quite sophisticated in dressier fabric. The fabric combo here is Birch Grass Meadow (hence the name) as the main fabric, and the ruffles are Art Gallery Bloomery in Citronelle. This dress really brightens up the store, I love it.

Here is a close-up of the ruffled halter.

meadow maxi 3

This pattern was very easy to sew up. There are only four pattern pieces, and the rest are rectangles that they give measurements for. As someone who traces patterns, I can appreciate that.

I debated adding all three ruffles. The dress looked really nice before I added them, but then I decided to just go all out with them. And they weren’t as painful as I thought they’d be. Also, I love how well these two prints go together!!

Here is a back detail.

meadow maxi 2

This back is similar to the back of the other Violette Field Threads dress I’ve made, the Ginger Dress. I like this style of back a lot, and I imagine it’s pretty easy for kids, since it just slip on. Kids get all the good stuff. Actually, Violette Field Threads also has the Emmaline Maxi for adults!

Happy Summer!


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