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A Wintery Sureau

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The Deer & Doe Sureau pattern is described as a “mid-season dress.” To that I say, “Not if I make it out of wool!”

wool sureau 1

So here is my wintery Sureau. Mid-season in Cleveland can get pretty cold, so this dress will see a lot of action. It’s made out of our Italian wool flannel. My proof is on the (lack of a) hem:

wool sureau 2

Super 100’s refers to the wool quality and fiber diameter.

I lined it with black cotton batiste, which in the pattern is simply a matter of making a duplicate of the dress, and I omitted the facings.

Here I am wearing the dress:

wool sureau 4

Here’s Poppy wearing the dress:

wool sreau 7

This fabric looks and feels gorgeous; it’s lightweight, yet warm in the winter. Bolt & Spool has so many delightful prints, sometimes it’s hard to resist making garments with them. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to make something with this fabric, and it’s pretty great in this dress.

Hey, did you know about our big sale? 50% OFF A TON OF THINGS (in-store or by phone only… we’re not so tech-savvy). All wools, corduroy, and velveteen are on sale, as well as many select cottons. This wool flannel is on sale, too! What a steal.

Stay warm!


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