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Okay, I know I probably won’t be able to see grass or dirt for another two months at least, but I am already planning my garden!!!! I found a community garden near my apartment, and even though I don’t technically have a plot yet, a girl can still dream. And I have to say, despite the extremely low temperatures we’ve experienced, this winter has been gorgeous. I mean, when’s the last time we saw sunshine in the winter?

So, yeah, winter looks lovely from inside a warm building, but I’m itching to go outside without spending 15 minutes layering up. I’d rather spend those 15 minutes filling my new tote bag!

kelly garden tote 1

This is the 6th Kelly tote I’ve made. The first was for me (a nautical beach tote), and then I made my mom one as a gift, and she showed it off to everyone so I had to make three more. They’re so simple to make. When in doubt for a gift, make a Kelly Tote! But this is a gift to myself — my new garden tote!

I used a brown canvas because I know it’ll get dirty, most likely before I even take it outside. The outside pockets and lining are some of our new Riley Blake fabrics, which are a little heavier than typical quilting cotton. It’s not quite as heavy as a light canvas, but I think it will be durable.

kelly garden tote 2

The inside pocket is a Michael Miller solid in Eggplant, which is lightweight fabric with luscious color. And then on the strap I attached an Anna Maria Poppy ribbon because it looks pretty.

The exterior still needs something, though… I’m thinking a button.

kelly garden tote 3

Want to make a Kelly Tote of your own? We’ve got a class coming up Saturday, February 8th! It starts at 9am and goes til noon, and snacks are provided!!!! The cost is $50, which includes all hardware, like bag feet, magnetic snaps, handles, interfacing, and the use of our fantastic Berninas. And a fantastic teacher! Fabric, ribbon, and buttons are extra. Nan pt together some combinations, which you can order when you sign up for for class, or you can stop in and we can help you put something together as well.

Stay warm!


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