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Datura – Blouse to Dress

Debbie Christensen Datura Blouse Deer & Doe Fabric Liberty of London Patterns

For a very long time, I’ve had this image in my head of a woven dress, one that’s pretty casual and easy to wear–like, no zippers or buttons. Something sort of blouse-y and loose, but that didn’t look like a pillow case, and I also wanted it to kind of fit. And I finally had a brilliant idea.

Almost immediately after we got the Deer & Doe line in stock, I made this Datura Blouse. And then I made another one, but I don’t have that blogged yet! But I love this pattern! It’s loose, but the bust darts give some shape, and I just feel that it’s very flattering. And it doesn’t take much fabric! I usually wear it tucked into a skirt, and hence came the epiphany — make it into a dress!

deer and doe datura dress

I love it! And here’s the back of it:

deer and doe datura dress

The skirt is just a dirndl-style, which is a gathered rectangle. Nan has a tutorial for one here.

So, this dress was like a muslin for me (who makes muslins out of Liberty of London fabric?), and there are some changes that I’d like to make for the next one. For me, the waist is too high and I’d like to lower the neckline. And maybe add pockets, I just can’t decide!

Anyway, back to this dress! The fabric is Liberty of London Rachel de Thames. And it’s going fast! Come buy some if you love it! I used Mokuba foldover elastic on the waist, and I love the color so much that I attached it to the outside of the dress. The yoke is lined with black cotton batiste.

deer and doe datura dress

I made this dress in an afternoon because I wanted to wear it the next day. It went really fast, and that included puzzling over how to construct it.


Unfinished seams are the next big thing.

I basted the two layers together because I intended to bind them, and then I didn’t. Kate, from Stillpoint, encouraged me not so finish my seams, and I like the way they look!

Although, the hem frayed quite a bit and the threads were tickling me all night. So maybe I shouldn’t be so lazy, and just finish my seams. I dunno.

Unfortunately, we are sold out of the Datura Blouse pattern! Don’t worry though, we’re ordering more! Next week I’ll make a tutorial for this dress, maybe with a drawstring waist this time because I love them.Who knows! I think this Liberty Betsy D will make a lovely Datura Dress! (I have such luxurious taste… one of these days I’ll do a post about the underwear I’ve been making!)

deer and doe datura dress


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