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Electric Sequined Laurel

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A few weeks ago we met with our fabric rep, Diana,  and ordered some fantastic new fabric. I mentioned that Nan and I fell in love with this brown corded sequins net, mostly because the swatch was layered over a brilliant blue and the combination was so stunning. Check it out:

sequin shift front binding

I layered the sequins over our electric blue douppioni. What a brilliant combination! I tried layering this over a ton of other solids, but this one just couldn’t be beat.

I made this up in the Colette Laurel, which I think is the perfect silhouette for this material.

sequin shift front

It’s a simple shape, and easy to sew. Especially with a thick and textured fabric such as this, few darts and few style lines are mucho appreciated. I don’t know what possessed me to finish this dress with French seams… it would have been so much easier and smarter to just finish them with bias tape. I did finish the openings with self-bias tape.

sequin shift back binding

Cutting out the dress took some head-scratching, but here’s my process (naturally I forgot to photograph it, so use your imagination please). I did not want to insert a zipper, because this dress is pretty loosely-fitted and I didn’t think it necessary. So I folded back the zipper seam allowance and cut both the front and back pattern pieces on the fold of the silk. And then I opened up the silk, laid it on top of the net, and cut the net. Oh, and I removed the hem allowance for each, so I could use the selvedge edge of the silk  and the scalloped edge of the net as the hems.

sequin shift hem 1

The silk is technically an underlining, but to make sewing the darts easier, I sewed them individually on each layer before I basted the layers together to sew up. You can see that in the back shot:

sequin shift back

So funky, I love it!


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