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Furry Circle Scarf

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It’s cold in Cleveland. Need something to keep you busy indoors? How about a faux-furry circle scarf! Honestly, this probably won’t help, because it took me a half hour to make. But it’ll be great when I have to go outside into cold, cold Cleveland! It also makes a great belated gift!

fur circle scarf1

To make one just like this, you will need:

1/3 yd faux fur

2/3 yd flannel

Our faux rabbit fur is 62″ wide, so that’s about how long the scarf will be. You’ll have to piece the flannel together, because it rarely comes in that width. 60″ is a good length for a non-stretchy scarf, so you can wrap it around your head twice.
Other good fabrics would be wools, other flannels, and of course knits. The scarf I made for this tutorial is 9″ (1/4 yd) wide, and I wish it could be more substantial, so I recommend a 12″ (1/3 yd) wide scarf.

Everything is sewn with a 1/2″ Seam Allowance (SA).

Okay, let’s get started!

Tear flannel into 2 – 1/3 yd strips. Then tear the width of the fabric to  31.5″, so you’ll have two pieces of flannel that are 12 x 31.5.” If you are using a plaid, plan this out so the stripes match.

Stitch the short ends of the two pieces of flannel together and press seams open, so you now have a piece of flannel and a piece of fur that are the same length and width.

fur circle scarf6

There will be fur everywhere.

Right sides together, stitch long edges of fur and flannel together, stopping 1/2″ from each short edge. Turn right-side-out. You don’t have to trim allowances, finish anything, or even press the seams (unless you want to). None of that really makes a difference in this scarf. It’s great.

fur circle scarf5

If you want to get picky (ha!), you can pick the fur out of the seams.

So now you have an opening at each end of the scarf. If you want to make a plain ol’ furry scarf, you can just stitch those ends up and call it a day! But I want to take it to the next level and make that line a circle.

Pin the right sides of the fur together. You’ll do this through the short ends of the flannel. Stitch the short edges of the fur together.

fur circle scarf4

Turn SA of flannel in, press, and then you can either stitch the opening done by hand, or machine stitch close to the edge. I’ll show you what I did.

fur circle scarf3

Now take a lint roller and get all that fur off of your clothes, your furniture, your face, and your new scarf. And try it on!

fur circle scarf2

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