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Aaaand We’re Back!

Nan Fabric projects wool

Not that we went anywhere. Actually, we have some exciting news! We’re selling online now!! So if you can’t get your fill of Bolt & Spool in Cleveland, you can visit our store anywhere! It took a long time, but we’re very thrilled to expand the store. Unfortunately, while we were migrating everything from our old website to the new one, the blog took a hit and went down for a month or two.

Enough about that! How about this Cleveland weather, right? Crazy! Cold and snowy and wet and thundery! I feel like I’m never ready for changes in the weather, so I scrambled to make myself warmer clothing. I had this gorgeous bright red wool sweater that I accidentally felted, so I made them into mittens! (I can’t get a good picture of them, so sorry!) I found a pattern for them in Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle, and they’re perfect! My hands were so cozy today.

That’s not the only thing that’s cozy! Look at this cape I made!

teal cape

Wow, this looks so much like my Snuggie. I think I have a nearly identical picture of me wearing it. Anyway, this cape is so neat! I traced a pattern from a friend’s cape, and added a hood that I traced from a sweatshirt. It’s made with our teal melton wool (which we are now sold out of, but we have plenty of other great wool in stock!), but the color in these pictures isn’t quite accurate. I think I’m a cape girl now, this is great! I reinforced the neck seam with some picot grosgrain.

teal cape detail

Bring it on, winter!

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