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Fur Trapper Hat / Aviator Hat Tutorial: Part 2

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Okay, let’s finish this hat! So, we’ve got the outer shell of the hat, and the lining from part 1. Now we need to put all of the little pieces together.

Sew together the fur pieces to their corresponding pieces cut from the main fabric, right sides together. Watch out, the fur will creep a little. Make sure you leave the long edges open on each piece.

Trim the fur as close to the seam as you can, and clip the curves. Turn the pieces inside out and press really well, and then baste the long open edges closed.

Here’s where the hat starts to come together! Find the center of the front flap, and pin that to the center seam of the front of the hat shell. You’ll want to do this as it would look on your head; in other words, with the fabric side of the flap against the outside of the shell. Pin along the bottom edge. Then attach the side flaps in the same way, but sort of center them on either side of the hat shell.

Try it on to make sure you like the shape and placement of everything. I actually didn’t like the way the front flap was so rectangular, so I shortened the height and rounded out the corners more.

Now pin the big earflap piece onto the hat, again with the fur side out. This piece will meet the front flap on either side, so everything should match up really nicely. Sew all along the bottom edge, making sure all the pieces are included in the stitching.  Trim the excess fur and press all the seams up into the interior of the hat.

This is the best point to add things to the hat, like ties for the earflaps, or buttons or snaps whatever. This is also the time to handstitch the front flap to the hat shell so that it stays up. I just made a few stitches near each corner. You could also attach the side flaps, but I decided to let those hang down.

Attaching the Lining

Right sides together, pin the lining to the hat shell along the front flap and sew.

Press the seam up into the hat so the lining isn’t visible when worn. Also fold and press the seam allowance around the rest of the lining.

To keep the lining in the hat, fit it inside and hand stitch the seam allowance of the lining to the seam allowance of the hat shell.

I pinned along the center seams to keep things in place while I sewed. You don’t have to stitch very much, maybe a couple inches. Make sure your stitches are pretty lose in case the seams don’t match up perfectly.

Pin the rest of the lining around the inside of the hat, matching the pressed edges with the seam on the earflap. Slipstitch the lining to the shell, press, lint-roll, and done!

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