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Fur Trapper Hat / Aviator Hat Tutorial : Part 1

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Here it is! The fur trapper (or aviator) hat tutorial! This is a 3-parter, so stay tuned!

This is the kind of hat I’m talking about.

Here’s the  trapper hat pattern. EVERYTHING IS 1/2″ SEAM ALLOWANCE. I’ve only made one size, which is my size, but I don’t think heads vary that much. In stores I’m like a medium/large hat size. If you want this to fit very well, I suggest making the lining first, checking the fit, and then altering the exterior as needed.

So for this hat, you’ll need 1/4 yd of each type of fabric:

-exterior or shell fabric (wool is nice, because it’s water repellant and warm, but I definitely recommend something on the thicker side… you could even use fur)

-lining (whatever you want, I prefer a flannel because it’s warm and soft)

-fur (preferably fake). Remember when cutting to keep the pile going in the same direction!

NOTE: I don’t think it’s possible to match stripey patterns perfectly with this, because my plaid didn’t match up, so just be aware.

For this hat I used a wool/angora blend in a plaid/floral print by Marc Jacobs as the shell. And I used a cotton plaid for the lining, and a polyester crushed rabbit fur that is SO SOFT. I love it.

Okay, cut out all the pieces!

For the first part of the tutorial, we’re just going to construct the outer shell and the lining. Basically two domes.

Starting with the outer shell, and with right sides of the fabric together, pin the long piece, the HAT CENTER, around the curve of the HAT SIDE, and sew.

Press the seam open, clip the curves and grade the seams. So, trim the seam allowance of the curved piece, like this:

Then press the seams toward the curved piece, and topstitch 1/4″ from the seam. Topstitching this way gives the hat a rounder shape. If you press the seam toward the center, it flattens out the top of the hat. So follow my advice!

Repeat all that with the other side of the hat, and then with the lining (although you don’t have to topstich that). Right sides together, pin and sew the center of the hat, like so:

For the shell, it’d be a good idea to press the seam allowance to either sides and topstitch that, too. It just looks nice. Do the same with the lining, but again, you don’t have to topstitch. Okay, try the pieces on! (They’ll probably be a little loose, but once you add the extra stuff it’ll fit better).

And that’s all for today! Plenty more to come!

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