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Inspiration from First Communion in Sevilla

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It’s First Communion Time!

(This is a continuation of my last blog on styles from Andalusia…)

My family took a trip to Spain for spring break and, although I’ve been there before and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the styles for children, one of the things that stood out for me this time was the emphasis on First Communion!

Spaniards celebrate First Communion in a BIG!! way; and especially so in Sevilla which tends to be more “Spanish” or conservative than the rest of the country.

Girls and boys make their First Communion when they are 10 rather than 8, as we do in the US; so the clothes are, obviously, bigger. And they spend a lot more money than we do here in the states – with dresses alone costing upward of €250 or more than $300. Then there are the shoes and accessories, not to mention the party!

Here are a few photos of the dresses and dress shops available. The styles are simple, yet elegant – very similar to The Children’s Corner “Louise” pattern with fitted bodice and gathered skirt, but with exquisite details and embellishments.


Then there are the shops especially for First Communion accessories… (and you thought Bolt & Spool was small!…these are TINY!! – but fabulous!)

I hope you enjoyed shopping for First Communion styles with me! Just some ideas to inspire your own creativity!

Happy travels!


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