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An Inspired Advent: Day 7

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Aside from selecting just the right gift for each person on your list, wrapping those gifts seems to be the most stressful. Studio Carta is the Boston studio and storefront of Angela Liguori, a bookmaker from Italy. All of her products are American- or Italian-made and of exceptional quality. Her ribbons, excellent for bookmaking, are also ideal for wrapping gifts. Some of our more recent arrivals, we think, are sure to add a touch of joy to gift wrapping, not to mention gift unwrapping.

Simplicity can be extremely beautiful. What is more fun than opening a brown paper package tied up with twine? We use this to secure all of our packages–a small touch that makes each package a delight to open. Use it to hang ornaments, close up a package of cookies, tie a candy cane to a card. The twine is of course reusable and, my favorite, biodegradable.

sc cotton twine spools

This letterpressed paper ribbon is a gift in itself! Joyful words dance along this charming strip of cotton Lettra paper. These spools of ribbon come nestled in small boxes stuffed with paper grass. You don’t even have to wrap them!

sc letterpress ribbon

Show someone how much you adore them by wrapping their packages with this XOXO brocade ribbon, and seal it with a kiss!

sc xo ribbon

This loosely woven ribbon has the color and the flashiness of a peacock. Imagine opening a gift wrapped up in this dazzling display of elegance!

sc metallic ribbon peacock

What is a wonderful gift for someone who loves ribbon? Scissors! Studio Carta beautifully packages these Italian-made tempered steel scissors, which are a perfect little present for someone who loves to sew or embroider. These are the medium size, which are 4 1/2″ long. The small size, which are 3 1/2″ long, are wonderful for snipping threads.

sc ribbon scissors1

The wonderful thing about wrapping gifts in beautiful ribbons is that they will likely be saved and reused, rather than stuffed into a garbage bag Christmas afternoon. Toss bits of cotton twine into the bushes for birds to use in their nests, wrap thank you cards with ribbon to make them extra meaningful, use small pieces as bookmarks, or use them to adorn someone’s gift next year. Beauty is meant to be cherished and shared.

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  • Raben on

    These are beautiful! The fabirc is so unexpected but such a great way to add more texture & color to lights. I just came across your blog from the feature on sfgirlbybay. Your home is marvelous!

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