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How to Look Good with a Date

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Or, how to look cheesy with a date? Nah.

A couple weeks ago I went to my friend’s wedding, and I made a Deer & Doe Sureau dress out of a Liberty print (which I still need to blog about!). And I thought it would be hilarious to make my boyfriend a matching necktie, “so I wouldn’t forget who I came with.” It was pretty great.

I’ve been making neckties for the store lately, and he saw one and asked if he could wear it to his family thing. And I was like, “oh great, now I have to make a matching dress.” But then I decided on a different print, so I then had to make a matching necktie. Anyway, we’re going to look great. Here’s the dress:

paisley dress

This dress is from Serendipity Studio’s Boutique Chic line, called The Monique Dress. I love it the neckline and the full skirt, what a good party dress! It’s a pretty retro look with a high waist (too high, actually–the skirt starts before my rib cage ends). I had like 4 days to make this, and I didn’t make a muslin. It fits very well though, I’m pretty pleased with this dress!

I’ve never made a Serendipity pattern before, but I’d like to make this dress again! It’s a pretty simple pattern, and the pattern makers offer a lot of variations like ruffles and piecework, which isn’t really my style, but I appreciate the bonus stuff.

paisley dress back

Backside! I handpicked the flashy red zipper so I could make sure everything matched up. Also it feels easier to me than using the machine.

Here’s what I know you’ve been waiting for!

paisley dress and tie

The necktie! We’ll look so good together. This fabric is Liberty of London Tana Lawn in Bourton W. I love Liberty prints, but I don’t like them so much by my face. Solution: color blocking. Black looks much better by my face than this crazy paisley. I used a black batiste for the contrast, and also as a lining.

And also as the lining of the tie!

paisley tie back

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