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This all started when my friend showed me this picture she found on Pinterest. Gorgeous, right?


Her step-son is getting married next month, and she has a green fitted jacket that looks great on her, and she wanted a tea-length tulle skirt, much like the one in the photo. We have some beautiful beige silk organza, and the Sewaholic Cresent Skirt pattern would perfect for this. (The skirt is really just tulle or organza gathered into a waistband, but I find the Crescent skirt to be a more flattering fit.) We were sitting on that idea for a while, and then she came to me with this pretty cinder-colored skirt that’s floaty and drapes well, and is totally her style. So to give more body to the skirt so it still resembles the shape of the above photo, I made her a petticoat.


It’s still made of the beige organza, since we don’t carry any tulle. The organza feels soft against the skin, and looks beautiful, although it is not quite as stiff as tulle. It provides just the right of volume for what my friend wants, though. I found a petticoat tutorial online, and it was super helpful.

I bound the waistband and openings with a cotton khaki twill tape, and eventually I’ll add hook-and-eye closure. I french-seamed the side seams, and serged the ruffle seams, as the organza is prone to fraying (alternatively you could zig-zag stitch it, but binding the seams would require a lot of patience). I about 5 yards of organza for this–the bottom ruffle is 8 yards long!

petticoat opening

Here is a beauty shot of the hem, which I turned twice and stitched.

petticoat hem

The skirt lining holds in the petticoat, so I fulled it out and over the mannequin’s “head” so I could show the petticoat doing its thing.

petticoat under skirt

So much sheerness, I love it! Not the most appropriate for a wedding, although definitely appropriate if you want to show everyone your pretty petticoat.

petticoat on skirt 2

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